Don't refinish ... restore your wood and antique furniture in one easy step with Wood Elixir!

The Dr. Woodwell Story ...

Murray Westbrook, known as Dr. Woodwell in the antique business.At the age of 46, Murray Westbrook was prepared to be actively retired after several successful business ventures in Toronto, Canada. The "active" part of his retirement was the revitalization of the historic Quaker village of Sparta, Ontario. This project involved the opening of several businesses in Sparta, including "Victorian Times Antiques & Art", a retail antique shop. A woodworking hobbyist with an interest in Victorian furniture, Murray frequented the auctions as a source of supply for his store.

He found that the finish on used furniture is frequently in such poor condition that refinishing is required. However, refinishing is expensive and, with antique furniture, the old finish and patina is more valuable than a new finish (which is why many people spend money to refinish, only to end up reducing the value of their antique furniture).

With this challenge in mind, Murray busied himself with the development of a one-step furniture finish restorer called Wood Elixir. Wood Elixir produces a lasting solution to a multitude of problems - problems that previously would have required refinishing - with one "wipe on, wait, wipe off" step.

How does Wood Elixir work?

Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique formulation designed to clean, rejuvenate and enhance all types of wood Clean a dull, dirty finish in One Step with Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir.finishes. What sets Wood Elixir apart from other products is that it does all three tasks at once. Wood Elixir solves cleaning problems such as removal of dirt, grime, mildew, grease, wax, dried-on food & beverage stains, sticky residues from tape or gummed labels, paint smears, paint or stain over-spray, chewing gum, lipstick, magic marker, grease pencil, crayon, lead pencil, ball-point pen ink, etc. While the surface is being cleaned, the finish is being rejuvenated. As well, damage to the finish caused by dehydration and excess moisture is being repaired through reamalgamation of the finish to the wood surface. Problems solved through this process include removal of white water rings, white hazing, scratches, cracks in the finish, finish separation from the wood, and, Wood Elixir reverses dry-finish flaking. Wood Elixir can also be used to clean and protect painted surfaces, tin, leather, and decals!

Use Wood Elixir
for ...
  • dull finish
  • surface scratches
  • tin toys
  • toll painting
  • old decals, transfers
  • dehydrated finish
  • lettering
  • logos
  • combination materials i.e. metal, wood, leather
  • brass
  • rust
  • oxidized paint
  • crayon
  • candle wax
  • ink
  • oil-based stains
  • lipstick
  • finger prints
  • smoke film
  • soot
  • smoke smell
  • water-based stains
  • silicone polish residue
  • wax polish buildup
  • magic marker
  • grease pencil
  • lead pencil
  • label removal
  • gum
  • mildew
  • mold
  • mildew smell
  • paint splatters
  • latex or alkyd paint smears
  • oil
  • tape
  • adhesives
  • cigarette burns
  • scorching
  • wicker
  • rattan
  • pet urine
  • crazed/alligator finish
  • and much, much more!
Wood Elixir cleans, rejuvenates and protects in Just One Step!
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