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Wood Elixir versus Howard Restor-A-Finish and Orange Glo ...

The Story Behind This Photo ...

In October of 1998, I was asked to do a demonstration of the various uses for WOOD ELIXIR at the Southworks Antiques Mall in Cambridge Ontario.

As one of the demonstration pieces, I took an antique walnut headboard on which I applied Wood Elixir, Restor-a-Finish and Orange Glo to separate areas. The original shellac finish was present but dehydrated with noticeable stress fractures and light colored striations indicative of a deterioration of the bond between the wood and the finish which, if left unattended, would cause the finish to flake off.

After that show, I took my sample pieces home and left them in my driveway intending to store them inside later. Winter came early and the ice formed around the base of the headboard and it became stuck. I left it there, exposed to the elements for the rest of the winter. The above photo was taken in the spring of 1999. You can see that where the Restor-a-Finish and the Orange Glo products were used, the finish is totally missing. Where I applied Wood Elixir the finish was still in tact.

I still have this headboard. It is still outside. The Wood Elixir treated finish is still in tact!

Murray Westbrook,
President, Dr. Woodwell Solutions
September 2002

What's the difference between Wood Elixir and ...

... Howard Restor-A-Finish

Wood Elixir
A tinted surface finish treatment. Adds color to the finish, and the purchase of additional bottles is required to work with different wood and finish colors. A finish restorer - instead of imparting color or improving appearance cosmetically, Wood Elixir penetrates and restores the original finish. The patina of antique furniture is maintained. One product works with all wood finishes and colors.
Fills scratches by adding color. Particlarly helpful on some modern furniture where the color is in the finish, opposed to wood having been stained and a clear finish applied. Treats and beautifies the surface. Reduces the appearance of scratches by reactivating and smoothing the existing finish. Certain ingredients penetrate to reamalgamate a dehydrated finish, and leaves a protective membrane even after wiping dry to the touch. Since Wood Elixir penetrates, strengthens and seals the original finish, the results are long-lasting (see photo above).
A quick-drying product. This reduces the ability to control the results. Wood Elixir offers control over the process and the results. The product cures over a 24 hour period ... if additional applications are required to achieve the desired results, within 24 hours the previous application will be reactivated when additional product is applied. Allowing the sealing membrane to cure between applications, Wood Elixir can be built up to produce a hand-rubbed "French Polish" type of finish.

... Orange Glo

Orange Glo
Wood Elixir
A satisfactory surface cleaner. Orange Glo has no restorative characteristics and offers no lasting protection. By penetrating and imparting beneficial ingredients, Wood Elixir restore the existing finish instead of simply cleaning the surface. Once Wood Elixir cures, it offers additional protection against future damage.

... BriWax

Wood Elixir
BriWax is an excellent protective wax. If the finish is damaged, flaking, or dehydrated, using BriWax (or any wax) will simply seal the damaged surface. We often see this on pieces brought into Dr. Woodwell Antiques for restoration. Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir will remove BriWax and re-establish the finish. Wood Elixir will restore the damaged finish, and cure to leave a thin, protective membrane. Numerous coats of Wood Elixir can be applied (allowing 24 hours between applications) to build up a hand-rubbed "French Polish" type finish. However, after restoring the original finish with one application, a good quality wax (like BriWax, or any wax containing carnuba) can be used to produce a higher-gloss.

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