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Order Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir:
Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information on using Wood Elixir?

Instructions for Use can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, which is a free download available by clicking here.

Additional detail on why Wood Elixir was developed and how it solves most furniture finish problems in Just One Step, please click here.

Be sure to visit The Furniture Clinic. Close to 1,000 questions and answers have been archived in a searchable database on how to use Wood Elixir to solve most furniture finish problems.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders are typically shipped next business day, and take 4-7 business days for delivery. Due to it's nature, express (air) service it not available for Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir.

Are there any duties or sales tax on Wood Elixir orders from

No. ships products from either Port Huron, Michigan or Ontario, Canada. There are no sales taxes or duties on orders shipped to U.S. customers. Applicable taxes are charged on Canadian orders. We are not able to ship ordered outside of North America.

Is Wood Elixir available in stores?

Wood Elixir is manufactured by Woodwell Products in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. A select group of retailers and antique dealers in soutwestern Ontario currently stock Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir.

Can I sell Wood Elixir in my retail store or antique shop?

Yes, dealer inquiries are welcome.

In Canada & the U.S. (except Hawaii), contact
Internet Advisor /

In Hawaii, the exclusive distributor is
Ron Alba, Ron's Furniture Repairs


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